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Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to test a Tactical Folder-Videos!

Andrew Demko the designer of the Cold Steel folders with the TriAD lock shows us how he tests his creations for strength and repeatability.  I have long advocated properly produced alternative locks to framelocks and liner locks and these videos easily prove my point.  Andrew shows us that his lock design can hold over 2000 pounds of force at the pivot with zero damage.  Lockbacks, especially those by Cold Steel or Spyderco RULE.  This test would easily EAT your Strider, Emerson or Sebenza for lunch!

What is old is new again.

Anyone interested in custom 1911's should know the name of Bruce Gray. One of the tenured talents of the 1911 world, Bruce has worked at such famous shops as  Devel, Behlert Precision, and for a spell worked with the smartest guy to ever work on a 1911, the late Jim Boland. Bruce has been a consultant to many companies in the industry like SIG, HK, and Lasercast bullets.

 Bruce is well known for his analytical skill and prowess with welding torch and checkering file.  I own a Gray compgun from the late 80's and will share some pics soon but for now take a look at this: The Gray "Hardtail" conversion.  Bruce has been doing these for years-I will assume that he learned this from Boland as many of the Boland guns were built with a vaguely similar, but non functional "SpringBoard Tang" as he liked to call it.

The hardtail is functional and elegant-it is actually easier to consistently depress than a standard grip safety.
I covet this! My dealings with Bruce have always been informative and pleasant-he is a real gentleman. Even though he is doing more SIG and HK work these days than 1911 stuff, I am real tempted to have him build me somethin'! I got the "gotta haves" real bad for this!

More Stainless Ugliness!

Found on Brian Enos Forum "A few weeks ago, while cleaning my STI Trojan 5" Stainless Steel in 45ACP, I noticed a crack in the front of the slide (see the two attached pictures). The crack fully penetrates to the inside of the slide. The pistol is slightly over a year old and has had about 9,000 rounds fired through it, almost exclusively WWB 230gr hardball. I have been running a 16 lbf recoil spring, a DP tungsten guide rod, and an AFTEC extractor."

Friday, December 25, 2009

1911 slide failures

What do these guns all have in common?

Broken Ed Brown 1911 Strut

"Perfected" geometry.

Code words for "Improper heat treating"

Broken S&W 1911

Everyone is secretly attracted to my collection of "broken stuff" pics.  here is a good one.  Looks like the "Scandium" didn't help..this is where most lightweight guns crack, fyi at the junction of rail and dustcover....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New blaster from Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance

I always like reading Hilton's thoughts on 1911's and other fighting guns.  He is a savvy guy.  I first met him when he was selling Mad Dog Knives at gunshows and still in college.  Over the years he has developed the skills to build a first class 1911 even though he rarely does anymore with a hectic career and developing new parts to sell.  Here is his latest concept gun.  I particularly like the hammer/beavertail junction and the way Hilton performs the beveling and barrel crown Good stuff! Here is what he says about this gun:

I still receive requests for custom 1911 work, and unfortunately always have to reply that I no longer build guns to customer order. With a full duty schedule, designing parts, and running 10-8 Performance, there is not a lot of time left to do any gun building. While I don't foresee this situation changing much in 2010, I do still build some 1911s for my personal use and to further research on more 10-8 products. The latest of these research projects showcases a few new designs that are precursors to some exciting stuff we will be unveiling at SHOT 2010.

Hilton's 10-8 sight is an excellent retrofit to Novak sighted guns. Great sight picture and U-notch for fast but precise shooting.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Updated Mike Poulin's link

Mike Poulin, maker of the best ivory grips has a new website-click his link on my sidebar to check it out!

New Doubletap .38 Super load!

I really like Doubletap ammunition (  They are the leaders in specialty pistol and rifle ammunition and are best known for loading calibers like 10mm (15 different loads!), .41 magnum, 9x25 Dillon in addition to more mundane stuff.

Their quality is very high and on par with the best producers like Black Hills and the now defunct Pro-Load.

They are now loading .38 Super with my favorite Barnes XPB (115gr) loaded to 1425 fps for 519 ft. pounds of energy... I have a few boxes enroute. Expect a range report soon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who's been reading my blog?

From Statcounter:

Tempe, AZ
Three Rivers, MI
Mountain Home, AR
Omaha, NE
Fremont, NE
Montezuma, IA


An all star list :)
I am flattered!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The worlds most powerful revolver? Bowen 500 Maximum Super Blackhawk

Whoa.  This may be the worlds most powerful revolver.

Built by Ham Bowen on a Ruger "Maximum" chassis with Bisley frame, it launches a (and I quote John Taffin) serious payload.

"Both John Linebaugh and Hamilton Bowen have offered the .475 and .500 Maximums on full-size 5" Ruger Maximum frames weighing close to four pounds. Recoil is absolutely awful with full house loads using 400 grain and larger bullets, and muzzle velocities exceeding 1,500 fps. There is absolutely no way to describe the recoil. It has to be experienced to be understood. I will say this, when I tested these guns 10 years ago I never fired more than 40 rounds in each one per day and in every case those sessions made me physically ill. This never happened with the .44 Magnum, heavily-loaded .45 Colt, .454 Casull, or even the original .475 and .500 Linebaughs. However, the Maximums are a totally different game and after a morning of shooting I would spend several hours recuperating by reclining on the couch."

Needless to say, I have 100 rounds of .500 Linebaugh and no .500 maximum loaded.  Should I venture down this path?  Maybe I will save this thing for my son.....he's gonna be a biggun..