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Friday, January 8, 2010

Even the Wilson bushing and plug get blended and blasted

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Radiused trigger, mag catch and slide stop

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Blended safeties

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The Springfield 9mm 1911 is COMPLETE

So I took a plain jane and made it plainer :)

But better! Mostly accomplished with a belt sander, files, stones and GOOD QUALITY parts.

Thanks to friends Phillip and Jenny at my blended external parts are perfectly blasted.

A little lube and bit of spring tweaking and I have a great, basic 9mm 1911 that now runs 100%. More testfire to come.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

How to shoot, or rather HOW TO AIM A COMBAT PISTOL

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I often get asked, typically by people who should know better where a combat gun/carry  should "shoot", or rather where they should aim their "gat" at fighting distances to hit their targets. In my opinion, ALL fighting pistols should have a Point of Impact (POI) exactly or close to the Point of Aim (POA) from 7-25 yards(Sight image 2). The crosshairs superimposed over the crosshairs show the point of impact (POI).