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Monday, January 4, 2010

How to shoot, or rather HOW TO AIM A COMBAT PISTOL

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I often get asked, typically by people who should know better where a combat gun/carry  should "shoot", or rather where they should aim their "gat" at fighting distances to hit their targets. In my opinion, ALL fighting pistols should have a Point of Impact (POI) exactly or close to the Point of Aim (POA) from 7-25 yards(Sight image 2). The crosshairs superimposed over the crosshairs show the point of impact (POI).

Being an inch or two off at 25 yards isn't much of an issue but you should be able to deliver rounds with surgical precision at 15 yards or less.  At 15 yards your goal should be able to keep a full magazine load into a playing card with a fairly steady cadence of one round per second. 
If your carry gun requires an unorthodox "6-o"clock hold like image #1, or you use some kind of unnamed, "Blazing fast" sight system that requires a hold similar to Image #3, I suggest getting them changed, ASAP.  They will hinder truly fast shooting under almost any conditions.

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