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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Hidden gem for 1911 lovers-The Astra A-70

If you ever run across one of these Spanish beauties in a pawn shop, go for it. 8+1 capacity, Single action, very reliable browning style operation.  About the size of a Kahr K9, the only real negative is the chunkiness from the steel frame and a few errant sharp edges.  The sights could be improved also.

These pistols were produced from 1992-1997 and were originally part of a contract for the official Spanish plainclothes service pistol along with the very similar but nowehere near as good, Star Firestar.  Astra later "improved" the design with a decocker and double action trigger and dubbed it the A-75.  Also a neat gun, but not as cool as the A-70.

This is an EASY gun to shoot.  With some ergonomic changes and better sights it would really be a keeper. Hmmmmmm..


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  2. I own one astra A70 and would not sell at any price one of the best carry guns around.
    If you can find one get it...
    dec 25 2011

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  4. I bought one of these about 10 years ago and have had really good luck with it. As stated about the only negative would be it is a heavy gun for its size.

  5. I was finally able to find an A-7- today with four mags like new in the box and jumped at the chance to buy it. 350.00 was a bargain in my opinion for one of the most comfortable and well made guns ever manufactured. So far i can find nothing about it i don't like and can't wait to put some lead through this Spanish beauty, it's a shame Astra went out of business.